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WTF is Ello?

Ello avoids the drama of friend requests, yet cuts back on the noise found on Twitter. This is done by the “follow” feature (Twitter-y) being broken down into two categories, “friends” and “noise.” That means you can switch back and forth between the people you know and the people you find interesting. Nice touch, Ello. Continue reading

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Highlights of New Facebook Insights

I’m generally the first one to gripe about the lack of support Facebook gives its users, but the people in charge know where their money is coming from (advertisers) and they have decided to bestow the bountiful gift of a … Continue reading

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Using Internet Memes for Marketing

Internet memes are about fun. If this is suitable to your organization’s culture, have at it. You’ll find it a lot more entertaining than drafting a press release. Continue reading

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Dear Facebook: Quit Zucking Everything Up

Really I guess it’s Mark Zuckerberg that I don’t trust. Maybe it’s the profuse sweating he does when asked about privacy issues, or maybe it’s the obscenity he used to describe those who trust him with their information. It could have something to do with how he paid to spread lies about darling Google. But still, Facebook was a good idea, even if it wasn’t Zuckerberg’s idea. Continue reading

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Google is a Boy Scout, and Facebook is a crack dealer.

Eventually when businesses begin using it as a standard communications platform and Joe Average starts vomiting from withdrawals while camping outside internet access, Facebook will conveniently introduce a fee, nominal at first but rising steadily over time, until you are choosing between using it and providing braces for your children. Continue reading

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Facebook Begins Holiday Gorging Early

Zuckerberg says Facebook has digested all of these companies solely for the talent it has picked up in the process. And the near-immediate shutdown of the entire operation gives my eyebrow and interested (though disappointed) arch. Continue reading

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Want Those Fancy Post-Sharing Buttons?

This is virtual networking at its best, and it’s the best way for your stuff to “go viral” – which is a good thing in internet terms. Continue reading

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