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Why Snapchat is Alive and Well

Some people think of Snapchat as a communication device, and others as a game. I’d say it’s both. There is a score tied to your account, which was probably an early way the developers toyed with user retention. In any case, the company definitely understands the game of competing in the virtual space. Continue reading

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7 Common Website Mistakes

This is gonna be a fairly succinct post.  (See #5) 1. Search bar is hard to find. Don’t make me look for it.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.  What’s worse is when you can’t find the search bar and … Continue reading

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Using Internet Memes for Marketing

Internet memes are about fun. If this is suitable to your organization’s culture, have at it. You’ll find it a lot more entertaining than drafting a press release. Continue reading

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