Highlights of New Facebook Insights

I’m generally the first one to gripe about the lack of support Facebook gives its users, but the people in charge know where their money is coming from (advertisers) and they have decided to bestow the bountiful gift of a new insights set up that actually has clear instructions for the roll out.  Oh my!

The explanation video is long for my first world attention span, about five minutes.  But it is BEEFY.  I wriggled impatiently but couldn’t bring myself to skip ahead and miss something.   And here are the highlights of changes I’ve noticed:

1. Organization

This is far and away the biggest change.  Facebook Insights have offered a  lot of detailed information for a long time, but has struggled with how one piece fits against another.  It’s clear that someone spent a lot of time carefully deliberating which buckets each bit falls under, and here’s what they are:

  • Overview – How many likes do you have, and how are your latest posts doing
  • Likes – Detailed history of how your fanbase has grown, and where those poor fools are coming in from
  • Reach – Who’s seeing your content and (brace yourself) who’s hiding it and unliking  your page for it. Of course they do a great job of letting you know how much of the attention is thanks to your advertising budget. 😉
  • Visits – Metrics on who is seeing your page, and where they’re coming from (probably could have been lumped into one of the other categories, but alright)
  • Posts – I’d say this is the most improved area.
    – How your posts are performing
    – What type of posts your fans respond to the most and
    – The best time to post your content (this might be the best thing ever)
  • People – Same basic demographics, but now it compares it to Facebook’s overall demographic

2. Detail

A lot of the information is the same, but there are some new metrics that could prove quite useful.  I admit, I hadn’t messed around in insights for awhile so I’m not sure how long the best-time-to-post-stuff meter has been around, but it’s so very handy.

You can also keep tabs on competitor pages to benchmark.  Aaaand so we have the creeper factor that is so rich in social media.  But hey, it’s good information to have.  Just know, they’ve probably got it on you as well.

3. Technology

What’s this? You can scrub right on the chart to select the start/finish dates?  My, my, how futuristic!  Just move your mouse over the thing and a new window appears with details for those dates – Viola!

facebook insights scrubber

This feature reminds me of Adobe, and I would be completely delighted if they used that kind of software for future inspiration.  We all know Facebook loves to “be inspired” by other companys’ ideas. 😀 I wonder what teeny, unheard of platform designed this new insights model for Facebook to lift.  Ah who cares? It’s great.

Here’s the official Facebook explanation, very thorough but much less cheeky.


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