This site began as a virtual portfolio, but in its making I have found that I actually enjoy blogging about social media.  In my time at Lutheran Hour Ministries, I developed a knack for explaining social networks to people who were unfamiliar with them.  I became very good at fleshing out metaphors for social media, such as comparing Facebook to a church bulletin board with a pad of sticky notes and a pen next to it.  It turns out that I genuinely enjoy making theses comparisons, as seen in entries such as:

Social Networks are Like Boyfriends
Google is a Boy Scout, and Facebook is a crack dealer.

The other general topic of my blog is a breakdown of complex social media processes, neatly repackaging them into something very simple.

How To Grow a *Local* Twitter Following
6 Ways to Make Your Blog Posts More Findable

Sometimes I compare two platforms in vivid detail so that you can choose the best one:

Follower Farming: Tweet Spinner vs. Tweet Adder
Sendible vs. Hootsuite 

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