Facebook Begins Holiday Gorging Early

I must make apologies for what has happened at drop.io.

Very early in September, I wrote a blog entry called Drop.io vs. Google Groups, in which I praised the sleek design and sensible organization of the former in stark contrast to what Google has got going for the same purposes.

Unfortunately, it seems Mr. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook was eyeballing my blog, because the insatiable social media giant recently announced its gluttonous consumption of drop.io, which has stopped drop-creation in its tracks with plans of shutting down all those in existence on Dec. 15.

The closest thing I could find to an appropriate image.

Good old Wikipedia gives a detailed list of the acquisitions the hungry, hungry hippos at Facebook have made so far.  According to SocialBeat, Zuckerberg says Facebook has digested all of these companies solely for the talent it has picked up in the process.  Zuckerberg is quoted as saying “We have never once bought a company for the company. We buy companies for excellent people.”  Yet if Wikipedia is accurate, that wasn’t the case for Friendster or ConnectU.  And the near-immediate shutdown of the entire operation gives my eyebrow and interested (though disappointed) arch.

How unfortunate that it was not Google to shell out the coin for dear drop.io.  (Perhaps it was still recovering from the sting of my comparison.)  Had beloved Google been the one to purchase the service, it would remain free and friendly, and probably double in awesome by 2012 – just enough time to enjoy sleek file-sharing the Google way before the world ends. 😉  But this would be a big project for Google, which has already got its cleanly hands in hundreds of pots.  So instead, the drops will completely shut down and Facebook will likely fire most of the drop.io staff before the year’s up.

One employee, however, will jump aboard the Facebook train.  CEO and co-founder Sam Lessin is the talent up for acquisition in this case.  Was this his plan all along? I have to wonder.  He and Zuckerberg shared Ivy League stomping grounds in the early days of…what was that website called? Oh yes, Facebook.

I am not worried for the other employees of drop.io, as they have contributed to something that served as a wonderful tool in offices and classrooms for three years.  Satisfied droppers worldwide now share a broken heart and scramble to find something to replace it.  One might suggest Yammer, but if Facebook hasn’t devoured it yet, I’d say it’s on the plate.  If I find a suitable substitute, I will report it, and hopefully go unnoticed by Zuckerberg next time.




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