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Google is a Boy Scout, and Facebook is a crack dealer.

Eventually when businesses begin using it as a standard communications platform and Joe Average starts vomiting from withdrawals while camping outside internet access, Facebook will conveniently introduce a fee, nominal at first but rising steadily over time, until you are choosing between using it and providing braces for your children. Continue reading

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Facebook Begins Holiday Gorging Early

Zuckerberg says Facebook has digested all of these companies solely for the talent it has picked up in the process. And the near-immediate shutdown of the entire operation gives my eyebrow and interested (though disappointed) arch. Continue reading

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Drop.io vs. Google Groups

It is really a dream come true for employers, because it gives them one place to post a wide array of virtual nuggets in just one place, just one time, for multiple users. I thought the assistant chief of our tribe was going to cry when he saw it yesterday. Continue reading

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