7 Common Website Mistakes

This is gonna be a fairly succinct post.  (See #5)

1. Search bar is hard to find.internet

Don’t make me look for it.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.  What’s worse is when you can’t find the search bar and instead there’s an email sign up bar where it should be.  Don’t confuse the elderly.  I mean… at least try not to.

2. Disruptive advertising

Make sure the ads you’re running on your site aren’t hovering over the whole page or the pertinent information I’m there for.  So annoying. Even worse is when an ad has audio and starts blaring while I’m trying to rock out to Spice Girls.

And make sure these problems aren’t occuring on the mobile version which brings me to the next point…

3. Not optimized for mobile

Seriously desktops computers are for dinosaurs and the chronically cubicle bound like myself.  Most people check stuff from their phones.  Your site should be optimized for all browsers, including mobile browsers, with bonus points for the option of being able to switch to a desktop view on mobile since there are so often issues.

4. Poor grammars

It’s simple. If you don’t have a command of the English language, I don’t trust you on many other topics.

5. Woooooordiness

OMG stop it. We have LOL cats to photograph and YouTubes to mindlessly stare at; please don’t waste our precious time.

6. Out of Date Content

Calendars with nothing current annoy me the most, but blog posts can be just as bad (guilty!) and old contact information is the worst.

7. Automatic Spam Sign up

WHYYYYY? No one wants to read your newsletters! I barely keep up on the goings-on with my family, why do I need to know what’s new with the place I bought tires 3 years ago? Yet many websites insist on getting your email, promise not to flood your inbox if you opt out, and then do it anyway. This is the absolute worst. ABSOLUTE WORST I TELL YOU!

Good day!


About inkstainedknuckle

I'm a social media specialist with a fresh outlook and keen sense of diction. The world is my walnut.
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One Response to 7 Common Website Mistakes

  1. 😀 Funny but true! Always encounters sites like this, which really makes me annoyed.

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