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The Death of Open Diary: Mourning an Old Friend

And while most of my posts are aimed to be useful to the users of today’s technology, this one is but a tribute, a lament to my lost love, my first love, my dear Open Diary. Thank you for everything. Continue reading

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6 Ways to Make Your Blog Posts More Findable

What’s the point in writing blogs if no one’s going to read them, amirite? Use these tips to increase the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your posts in the simplest ways possible. Continue reading

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Sendible vs. Hootsuite

Each is uniquely wonderful, and I’ll scratch at the highlights of each.  They perform essentially the same functions – mainly scheduling tweets and Facebook posts. In terms of simplicity, Sendible is a dead ringer.  For someone who is new to … Continue reading

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Getting Started With WordPress

Go to the Wordpress website, hit the giant Sign Up button, and try to think of something cute to call yourself. Make sure you sign up for a blog, not just a username. When all the account verification business is taken care of, you’re ready to start your new life as a webmaster. Continue reading

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