Beginning in the second grade, I have excelled in the smithing of words.  All of my elementary school stories (fully illustrated) have similar comments from teachers written in the back: “You will be a writer someday.”

You might be wondering why my blog is called the ink-stained knuckle, and there’s a simple reason.  At a fairly young age, upon my first viewing of the movie Little Women, I fell immediately to idolizing the story’s protagonist – Jo.  During part of the movie, she is recognized as a writer by the black ink stain that has fastened itself perpetually to her finger.  Watching this as a child, I looked down to find the same semi-permanent evidence upon my own knuckle, and have worn it as a badge of honor ever since.

Back then my work focused mainly on my neighbor’s cats. I haven’t put my pen down for long ever since. Although I still enjoy a good LOLcat, the topics of my writing have evolved, and my skills have developed into my own style, seasoned with fresh diction and peppered-in wordplay.

Webster University has taught me everything I thought I knew in high school. I have learned to apply my talent, using it to shape words in a way that appeals to the eyes of the reader and the ears of the listener.

[UPDATE] I’ve followed many avenues since graduation. I now have extensive experience with social media, research, app tracking, event planning, Photoshoppery, light video production and as always, blogging like a crazy person. Other interests include spinning flaming hula hoops and being a super mom.