How to Use Twitter to Get into Vegas Clubs (For Free)

Not sure this works other places, but I have used Twitter to get into a lot of clubs here in Vegas.  So much that other people have been asking me to find them information.  So I’m going to show you how to do it by yourself. 🙂

First thing to know is the difference between a promoter and a VIP Host.  Always aim for a VIP Host because they have more pull.  Promoters are generally new to the profession and have stricter limits, such as you have to have so many girls on your list or be there by 10 pm or whatever BS they cook up to make the place look busy.

The other thing to know is that every club varies their process, such as if they allow men on the guest list and where you pick up tickets. Generally the rule is that guys are allowed but there has to be more girls on the list. Sometimes men are still required to pay for entry, but at a seriously discounted price, so it’s still worth it. Some hosts will walk you in, others will stick you in a line outside the club.  If you get a good one, keep his phone number.

Ok lets get started:

Step One : Find a Club

In Vegas I like the Club Grid from the Weekly.

Step Two : Search Twitter

Go to the Twitter search bar. You might need a Twitter account for this, but Twitter is easy to deal with and I trust you can figure that part out on your own.

You might need to toy around with the phrasing, but generally “[Club Name] VIP Host” does it.  You might need to specify “Vegas” if the club is a chain.

Look in the People results.  Usually you’ll see promoters and hosts in the results.  They often put their phone numbers right in the bio, how convenient.  If not, like I said, monkey around with the search terms until you find someone.

Here’s what I got from searching “Light Nightclub VIP Host”


Second one down, BOOM! I’ve actually worked with Nima before, he’s great. 🙂

Step Three : Send a Text Message

Text the person you found and ask them if they are doing guest list.  It’s nice to mention that you found them on Twitter and what your guy/girl count is.  Don’t expect a speedy response.  They usually sleep well into the afternoon.  But give them at least a few hours notice.

Step Four : Do whatever the hell they tell you to do

It’s different for every club, but your contact should give you detailed instructions on what to do, such as text him as you’re parking, meet her somewhere, go to some window for a ticket, blah blah blah.

Happy Shenanigans.


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