Staying in Touch with Memes

It’s no secret: the corporate scene is an absolute battleground.  Don’t be fooled by the tailored Armani suits and proper speech patterns: these people are animals.  Eat or be eaten.  And make as many alliances as you can.

There are other reasons to make alliances.  I like to stay in touch with marketing folks because they’re generally hilarious and have the most access to the best swag.  Sometimes you just NEED a pocket protector with your company logo on it! (Also, always keep a graphic designer on your side.  You will almost certainly need this person for SOMETHING eventually.)

But keeping that door open can be a bit of a challenge, because we often only contact one another when we need something.  No bueno!  So how do you keep the how-do-you-do’s flowing with nothing to spark the conversation? Memes.

Nothing says it like an LOL cat

Nothing says it like an LOL cat

This is super easy, entertaining for you, and effective. We are naturally more inclined to help those who make us laugh and can provide brief distractions from the hellish nightmare that we call “work.”

Step 1: Think of an inside reference you share with the recipient

Did he tell you he has lots of deadlines looming? Did she casually mention that her children are awful little monsters? Did you see a double rainbow all the way across the sky at lunch once?  Twice? Really? That’s amazing. I mean once is amazing, but twice? Wow you’re lucky.

Step 2: Google it, of course

Go to Google image search with the word “meme” and a phrase that will bring up something relative.  This one came up right away for “meme awful children”:


Step 3: Email it to that person

Don’t be too wordy.  You’re not trying to waste that person’s time.  This is just a good way of saying “I haven’t forgotten you exist.”  Really all you need to say is “Happy Monday” or “This reminded me of you!”

I would probably keep it under wraps that you are intentionally seeking these images out in order to keep a pipeline open to their sweet pocket protectors.  Just let them think you ran across this image while doing your important internet research and it made you think about them.

It’s easy. Try it.  Not like you have anything more important to do today.


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I'm a social media specialist with a fresh outlook and keen sense of diction. The world is my walnut.
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