Mobile Tweeting, TweetCaster You Win

My journey to TweetCaster was fueled by a desire to share pictures on a Twitter feed easily from an Android cell phone, which Facebook has made so very easy, even for those who are not yet equipped with a smart phone.

First I tried sending a picture message to 40404, as I had enabled tweeting via text messages.  Facebook finds this perfectly acceptable, but nothing happened on Twitter.  Then I tried using Twitpic, sending a picture as an attachment first to a text message and then from a mobile email.  Neither worked and the email option took a lot more effort than I care to put into a tweet.

Tried a few other apps, like Peep, which came preloaded on my jerk of a phone and assaulted me with notifications.  I used HootSuite’s mobile app while covering an event from a presentation room that did not satisfy my Wi-Fi hungry laptop.

HootSuite worked fine, but I found it overwhelming.  There are too many options on one screen, and it isn’t organized well visually. Especially if you have 20 Twitter accounts linked into the same HootSuite account.

I considered TweetDeck, but the review section is stacked with users complaining of program crashes and bugs.  TweetCaster’s reviews were much more positive.

TweetCaster’s format makes controlling multiple accounts much easier, as it puts more distance between them, with options for each one listed on separate screens, rather than tossing them together in a tabulated stream.   However it is still just as easy to tweet from multiple accounts at once, because every tweet box has the same multiple account selection feature that HootSuite uses.  The system makes much more sense for a cell phone.

Did I mention that attaching pictures and links is even easier than on the old fashioned website?  Check it out in this quick video, in which I will take and post a photo of what I’m doing right now.


I still think HootSuite is top dog on the internet, but for my tiny phone browser, the interface is too messy.  Of course it does offer link tracking and other analytics, which can be important too.  And HootSuite works fine on an iPad, but if you don’t want to use your iPad to take pictures, an extra step is created.

Hopefully either TweetCaster or HootSuite will absorb the strong points of the other and create a super HootCaster or TweetSuite.


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I'm a social media specialist with a fresh outlook and keen sense of diction. The world is my walnut.
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