6 Ways to Make Your Blog Posts More Findable

What’s the point in writing blogs if no one’s going to read them, amirite?  I use WordPress, only because it is hands-down the absolute best free blogging platform.  But if you use something else, you can probably still apply these points.

1.   Figure out your tags

Tagging your posts is arguably one of the most obvious ways of increasing searchability.  Think from the perspective of the person seeking your information.  You are confused about something or curious or just really bored – which of these is probably the case depends upon your blog topic.  Tag your posts with keywords and terms you can actually imagine that person plugging into a search box, and use those for tags.  

For instance, if your blog is a collection of the fairytales you’ve written, you would be wise to use tags like “fairytale” and “children’s story” and “princess” rather than using the names of the characters you made up, because no one knows to search for those.

Figure your tags out first, because you are going to need them for pretty much all the other points.

2.  Use your keywords in the text.

You’re probably doing that anyway.  Keep doing it, but don’t go so far as to try and squeeze them in where it’s unnatural.  Try to pick a paragraph with those keywords in it for the “Excerpt” section, too, or just write a new summary that works them in.

3. Include pictures, and put your keywords into the picture description, as shown below.

It’s also not a bad idea to give those pictures filenames that have something to do with your point.  Right-click the picture below and hit save to see what I mean.

I’m sure there are those that would insist that you need to use the Link URL to your advantage, too, but I usually like to give my readers the option of going to the full size version of the picture in case they want to use it for something, too.

4. Use keywords in the page URL.

WordPress lets you pick your URL, so that’s easy, and it means you can still give the post whatever wacky title you choose.  Of course it doesn’t hurt to put those keywords in this field, too, but don’t box up your creativity just for that.

5.  Link it up.

Use what Bing would call “LOS LINKS!!” and put a good smattering of them in your posts if you can.  Don’t be afraid to link back to your old blog entries too, like so.  WordPress has recently made this even easier than it was before, which was already pretty easy.

6.  Increase sharability with Fancy Post-Sharing Buttons.

I’m sure I’m just scratching at an iceberg here, so feel free to leave more tips in the comments!



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