5 Ways to Improve Your Organization’s Facebook Page

Does anybody thoroughly read the introduction? You’re skimming right now at best.  So I’ll just get right down to it:

1. Post Pictures
Worth a thousand words?  More like a zillion! People love pictures. Maybe it’s because we’ve become so absorbed by television that we’ve stopped reading.  Also, posting graphics on your wall is a great way to spruce the place up.  I know my own website could do with some sprucing… in due time.

2. Give the Insider Scoop
Most managers of Facebook pages don’t put the time into them because it’s fun and all their friends are doing it.  So the question to ask: Why should my clients care what I put on Facebook?  Most of them want some insight as to what’s happening behind the scenes of your company.  People like to give their business to those they can trust and feel connected with.

You can do this by mentioning interesting goings-on inside your office.  I’ve seen The Office.  I know there are goings-on.  State on your page what types of things you’re working on, unless your clients prefer full confidentiality.  Otherwise, it’s an extra sprinkling of promotion for them, too – how nice!  You can even tag them in your photos, giving you more detailed content and them that extra little shot of publicity.

3. Make Your Employees Interact
This is really an extension of the last one.  They’re your workers, and you own their time, right?  Well put that to use and get them interacting on your page.  It gets outsiders involved and again, gives them that insider scoop in regards to who they’re dealing with.

4. Post With Recurring Themes
Each week, I post one International Recipe to LHM’s Facebook Page.  People love it, and have suggested other recipes they’d like to see in the future.  International facts and trivia questions update on certain days each week.  The overall theme was easy to choose for LHM International, and the regularly-updating categories give people something to come back for.   Your content doesn’t have to be all about you per se, just somewhat loosely relative.  Your average American wants interesting information… and he wants you to compile it for him.

5. Schedule Updates
No one wants to be forced to interrupt his or her work to repeatedly update a Facebook page.  Unless you’re 13 and that’s the only “work” you do.  Utilize a program that will let you get down to social networking business all at once.  The next month of LHM International’s routine Facebook updates have already been scheduled in advance, leaving me ample time to blog and participate in pranks on other employees (which makes for a great FB post!)  For more on scheduling updates, check out Sendible vs. Hootsuite.

That is all!




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I'm a social media specialist with a fresh outlook and keen sense of diction. The world is my walnut.
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