WTF is HootSuite?

In my recent little blog series, I’ve been sketching out a few social networks that werepreviously unfamiliar to me.  HootSuite is not really a social



network, but it is pretty impressive, and has real potential for business.

To start, URLs are shortened to the links, which I was skeptical of at first, because I like to track hits easily, so I usually use the shortener (if you don’t know, putting a + behind these URLs will show how many people have clicked the link.)  But HooteSuite does that for you, with statistical tracking is simplistic, yet detailed, resembling the Blog Stats function of WordPress.  This clip explains it well:

HooteSuite also allows for the tracking of phrases just like Google Blog Alerts, which is excellent for monitoring what’s being said about a particular brand or company.  Another feature pertinent to business is the “Team Workflow” element, which gives a user (for work that would be lhmint) the ability to give access to another user (such as my personal account, mcflower) to various social media accounts.  This is something like the admin settings for Facebook business pages or the similar controls of WordPress.  If I were managing a client, I would use it to guide them while they learned how to utilize Twitter, Facebook, etc.  Here’s a video on that one:

Though I haven’t tested the feature out yet, it seems scheduling posts is pretty easy, and if that’s the case, I’m sold.  If this post is Tweeted in my absence of camping this weekend, I will start using it regularly.

Since the dawn of my existence on Twitter, I have noticed people using HootSuite and been curious as to why.  I am blown away by the service, and it is very likely that my Tweets will soon be accompanied by the phrase “via HootSuite”.  It does a magnificent job of pulling all the best features of other networks together in order to support them.


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