WTF is FriendFeed?

Friendfeed is, not surprisingly, focused on the feed function much like the current feed-king supreme, Twitter.  It has some pretty handy features, such as an easy import of contacts from Facebook, Buzz, and Twitter.  This network specializes in making things easy, which they accomplish in another way with the categorization of multiple, easily-accessible feeds: Personal, Favorites, and Professional. The group functions are also pretty nifty.   The setup of a group is as simple as filling out this screen:

Create Group

Creating a Group on FriendFeed

A private feed could be useful for a family full of jerks that wants to brag to each other about their kids.

Standard feeds would be more like a microblog: short posts that only you control, but others can still interact with on some level.

A public group would function much the same as a Facebook fan page (or whatever they’re calling it now).

The only downside to the feature is that deleting the group is not as easy as creating it, and so there are a lot of unused pages floating around.  In fact I’d say that’s the case for the majority of them, which is this network’s pitfall.  For example, more than 22,000 users currently follow @iPhone on Twitter, whereas the FriendFeed has only about 3,500 subscribers.  The extra elements are sensible and convenient, but I doubt they will be useful enough to overtake the almighty Twitter.  But keep an eye on this one.


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