How do I find people to follow me?

To get followers, you must follow. It sounds crazy, I know. Nevertheless, the question then becomes: Who do I follow? Don’t worry. The answer is easy.

Not surprisingly, you’ll want your (eventual) following to be comprised of people who have some interest in what you’re saying, so you can search pertinent key words through Twitter and find people who are talking about those things. But you may have a certain area in mind to target, and in that case I strongly recommend Nearby Tweets.

Simply plug in an area and keyword, and you’ve got a rolling list of potential followers. Click the user name, hit follow, and BAM the connection is made. After awhile (a week, a month, whenever you get around to it) you’ll want to clear out those who don’t follow back, which I will discuss in my next post.


About inkstainedknuckle

I'm a social media specialist with a fresh outlook and keen sense of diction. The world is my walnut.
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